Bishan History

I didn't expect my second post to come so soon.

I just discovered that there is another blog about Bishan. But get this: it was started last weekend with the first few posts made yesterday. Just like this blog!

Welcome to the blogosphere, Bishan History.

From what I can tell, it is a project blog of some sort. Apparently, they've extracted some content from Wikipedia but some content seems to be their own as well. They've summarised the geography, history and socio-political aspects of the estate.

Nice to know that there is a sudden surge of interest in Bishan!

UPDATE Their email address doesn't seem to work.


    As you know, I too have a sentimental soft spot for Bishan. I have blogged several times about Bishan, the cinema, the cemetries, the Kallang River and more recently the park and flora.

    But I still prefer the old name of Pek San Teng. I wished the gahment had not been so quick to change the names of places to Pinyin just becos they wanted to encourage Chinese to use Mandarin. When you switch the name like that, a bit of the past is lost.

    hi,i've lived in bishan for nearly 20yrs & I love Bishan soooo much=)
    Perhaps we've seen eachother b4?
    Will link u 2 my blog @

    Hi! I was inspired by you and TiongBahruEstate to start :!!!

    Heartland Outreach!!! ^_^

    I've linked you and hope you'll link me! Cheers!

    Hi there,"I am". Very mysterious. =)

    I'm most happy to link to your blog!

    Unfortunately, I have not been updating this blog for a few reasons. Maybe that shall go on my "things to do in 2008" list.

    I dont know much about this place but the reason I am writing here is cause there is real COINCIDENCE happening here.

    This article is about Bishan (some place) and my name also happens to be Bishan. The 2nd thing is that this article was posted on 21st August which also happens to be my birth date.


    I would love to visit this place someday coz I read its a beautiful place.

    is it my internet or is bishan history not there

    Hi, I can see people who really care about Bishan here! Why not make "Bishan" the most loved estate in the "I Love My Estate!" photo story competition? Upload your picture and story about Bishan to

    Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.



    Dear Sir/Madam,

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    Thank for uplaoading the national day fly pass in 1985 viewing bishan st13 , i was so happy to see my house was still building in the year 1985 because i was born in 1985 thank